About us

We hold naturalness, genuine emotion and spontaneous situations very dear. Authenticity is very important for us, that is why we capture in our frames whatever comes in to you; a radiant smile or tears of happiness. In this very way, you will be able to look back on the emotion that accompanied you on your wedding day, even after years. Naturalness is no less important for us as far as editing your photographs is concerned. We make sure that the skin in our photos has a pleasant natural look, colors are warm and saturated, and blacks and whites are deep.

Our job gives us much satisfaction and is a great source of joy for us. The ceremony and the wedding party are one of the best and most rewarding moments in our lives – that is why you can find so many “smiley” photos on our website. Your positive energy propels our energy, this is the way it works 🙂

We are aware that photographs are very often the only remembrance of your wedding day. That is why, they are so important. Our task is to make the twinkle in your eyes when you look at each other last eternally.


Kasia Brońska For me, photography is a partially unsaid story, which is being written with  emotion, fleeting smiles, delicate gestures, details, and light.

Kuba Popiel – Multifarious composition, complexity, ambiguity, expressiveness, dynamics and spontaneity – this is what makes a good photo. A photographer by profession, a photo journalist by experience and an artist.

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a duet of photographers from Kraków, who are Kasia Brońska and Kuba Popiel, the creators of the MALACHITE MEADOW photo studio. They won my heart immediately! This is exactly the type of photography I love! I may say it with full responsibility that Kasia and Kuba are now in my favourite top 10 of Polish wedding photographers. They scored every single point on my wedding photo list! It is very long ago since I have been so greatly enthralled by any Polish realization!”

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