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Welcome! We’re glad you’re here, step into a world full of colors, emotions, and light. As you look at these photos, imagine that this is how we’ll capture you and your Big Day.

In our photos, you will find the perfect combination of reportage, portrait, and fashion photography, all in natural colors and beautiful light.

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We’re Kasia and Kuba

We are wedding photographers with 13 years of experience. People, light, color, and fashion have been our inspiration for years. Our goal is to photograph each love story in a way that it’s not only a wonderful keepsake but also carries the experience of the time spent with the photographer as someone close, joyful, empathetic, and committed. In our photos, we strive to highlight the style and atmosphere of your Wedding Day, paying attention to every detail, and our gaze reaches where sometimes you might forget to look. We immerse ourselves in this day, absorbing its energy, silently observing you and assisting if you need it.

We are a Honorary Partner of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, we work across Poland and Europe. We create and teach photography by participating in Polish and international conferences. Well, what can we say, we live for photography. Welcome to our world.

Canon Europe Ambassadors

In October 2023, we became official ambassadors for the world’s largest photographic brand – Canon. It is a tremendous honor for us, perhaps the greatest recognition of our 13 years of work and the prospect of many new opportunities to create creative projects.

We are particularly thrilled because this is the first time that Polish Wedding Photographers have been included in this prestigious group. It is a wonderful feeling and a beautiful acknowledgment for our photography field.

See Selected Stories

  • White Wedding - Wedding in Poland, Arkady Kubickiego, Ujazdowski Castle 5

    White Wedding – Wedding in Poland, Arkady Kubickiego, Ujazdowski Castle

    There are certain creations that remain unforgettable. Weddings are becoming increasingly beautiful, evolving into a realm where dreams materialize into reality. Veronica envisioned a white garden amidst the heart of Ujazdowski Castle, and with the collaborative efforts of the entire team of florists from GFiore and Welcome to the Jungle, its interior underwent a transformative […]
  • Como Wedding, Italian wedding, Villa Regina Teodolinda 6

    Como Wedding, Italian wedding, Villa Regina Teodolinda

    There is no year without a wedding by Lake Como, and the truth is that every year, the lake presents itself to us in a different light. We remember it differently each time. We have this sense that the Lake is constantly telling us a new story every time we lay our eyes upon it. […]
  • Tuscany Wedding - A Wedding in Tuscany 7

    Tuscany Wedding – A Wedding in Tuscany

    What’s our ideal recipe for June? June in Italy! And best of all, in Tuscany. Despite a million degrees, the lingering scent of pizza, the taste of frozen Aperol, and the spectacle of colors in the sky during sunset are worth every drop of sweat on our foreheads. So, how does our Italian June wedding […]

“Magnetically intriguing photos”

Review by Karolina & Wiktor

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“Our wedding day was a magical event for us, and we can’t admire enough how beautifully that magic was captured in the photos. Each moment is narrated with the unspoken emotions of our loved ones. Even ordinary spaces turned into meticulously crafted, colorful frames. This is thanks to expert work on light, framing, perspective, but also artistic imagination, making our photos magnetically intriguing.”

Check our Offer

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Our offer is designed to meet your needs, and we have prepared 3 packages for you to choose from:

The option with one photographer is perfect when planning an event for up to 150 people.

If you plan to invite more than 200 guests or anticipate a lot of activities, a photographer duo with an assistant will work well.

Our superpower, for the most demanding and complex projects, is a team of two photographers. There are no impossible tasks for us!

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Wedding Photography Workshops

As educators, the goal of our work is to spread passion and curiosity around us. We strive to promote photography as a prestigious profession that gives people the opportunity to grow both as artists and technical specialists. We believe that through interesting storytelling, good knowledge of photography equipment and its uses, and well-honed people skills, the job of wedding photographers can be a source of constant personal and professional development and a satisfactory way of earning one’s living.

We emphasize the combination of theory and practice. Our two-day workshops have been popular among photographers all over Poland for years. If you want to know what they look like, what they offer, and how people feel after them, be sure to read more.


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