Tuscany Wedding – A Wedding in Tuscany

What’s our ideal recipe for June? June in Italy! And best of all, in Tuscany. Despite a million degrees, the lingering scent of pizza, the taste of frozen Aperol, and the spectacle of colors in the sky during sunset are worth every drop of sweat on our foreheads. So, how does our Italian June wedding look this time? We land in a stunning location, near the quaint town of Grave in Chianti, in the Chianti region, famous for its delicious wine. We photograph Vincent and Chantal, who came from Germany to Tuscany to sip white wine, dance under the open sky with their family and crew. The wedding took place in a charming stone church, its cool walls proving to be a blessing during these astronomical temperatures. What’s next? A quick ride in a Fiat 500 to the reception venue and there’s wine, dancing, and singing into the night. Everything accompanied by pizza, pasta, cheeses, and generously flowing frizzante. We had a fantastic time with them and with Asia from the Tuscany Wedding, as always, we couldn’t stop chatting. If you dream of a wedding in Italy, especially if you’ve fallen in love with Tuscany and would like to organize your wedding there, get to know Asia and familiarize yourself with her offer. She will help you with everything and make sure that you’ll remember your grand Italian wedding for a very, very long time. What do they shout to newlyweds in Italy when they see them? “Auguri!” which means “Congratulations!” We also leave you with this Italian reportage with the same exclamation. You can pour yourself some white wine to enjoy while watching, it will taste better.

Wedding Planner: Wedding in Tuscany

Dress: Agnieszka Światły

Decorations: Le Petit Jardin

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