White Wedding – Wedding in Poland, Arkady Kubickiego, Ujazdowski Castle

There are certain creations that remain unforgettable. Weddings are becoming increasingly beautiful, evolving into a realm where dreams materialize into reality. Veronica envisioned a white garden amidst the heart of Ujazdowski Castle, and with the collaborative efforts of the entire team of florists from GFiore and Welcome to the Jungle, its interior underwent a transformative metamorphosis. We will remember this ceremony for a long time, not only due to the sea of white flowers but also because of the tide of emotions it carried. During their vows, tears and laughter alternated, and for us, it is always an honor to witness such a torrent of feelings. The wedding ceremony was the White Garden.

And then came the celebration at the Arkady Kubickiego, a chromatic 180-degree shift to create the Secret Garden, adorned with deep hues of burgundy and rose. At the foot of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Veronika and Adrian’s garden was born. We cannot forget the fragrance of the flowers that filled every corner of that place, transporting all our senses to a different reality. Without a doubt, this was the most vibrant and eye-catching wedding of 2022. What caused this floral whirlwind? It was the fact that even as we drifted into sleep, we still had hundreds of blossoms hovering before our eyes.

Undoubtedly, Poland knows how to craft exceptional weddings! We are filled with pride for what is transpiring here. Indulge yourselves in this white and colorful feast, within the mysterious and mesmerizing garden.

Ceremony: Zamek Ujazdowski

Wedding: Arkady Kubickiego

Wedding Planner: Aspire Wedding Planners

Deco: Gfiore & Welcome to the Jungle

Film: MPStudios

Music: Balaband Cover Band & Centrum Muzyki Marzeń & Sal “The Voice” Valentinetti

Ceremony Master: Maciej Kautz

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